• 07.02.2024
What does Jordan Spieth carry in his bag?

What does Jordan Spieth carry in his bag?


Jordan Spieth, a professional golfer known for his outstanding performances, always carries a well-curated bag of essential golfing equipment. In this article, we will delve into the contents of his bag and explore the tools he relies on to achieve success on the golf course.

Golf Clubs:

At the heart of Spieth’s bag are his golf clubs. Being a right-handed golfer, he carries a set of carefully selected clubs. Some of the key clubs he carries include:

  • Driver: Spieth’s bag features a high-performance driver that allows him to achieve long and accurate shots off the tee.
  • Woods: He also carries a range of fairway woods, including a 3-wood and a 5-wood, which provide him with versatility on longer shots.
  • Irons: Spieth carries a set of irons that allows him to hit precise shots from various distances. This includes a 3-iron through a pitching wedge, each tailored to meet specific distance requirements.
  • Wedges: A skilled short game is vital for success in golf, and Spieth ensures he has the right tools with him. He carries a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge to handle various types of shots around the green.
  • What does Jordan Spieth carry in his bag?
  • Putter: Last but not least, Spieth’s bag is never complete without his trusted putter—a crucial club that helps him sink putts and ultimately lower his score.

Golf Balls:

Along with his clubs, Spieth is very particular about his choice of golf balls. He prefers using a specific brand and model that suits his playing style and provides optimal performance on the greens.

Golf Accessories:

To ensure he is fully prepared for any situation on the golf course, Spieth carries various golf accessories. These include:

  • Golf Glove: A high-quality golf glove offers both grip and comfort, and Spieth always keeps one in his bag to maintain a solid connection with the club.
  • Golf Towel: A clean towel is essential for Spieth to keep his clubs and golf balls in optimal condition throughout the round.
  • Golf Tees: Spieth carries a selection of golf tees to ensure he has the right height for his tee shots, depending on the club and the desired trajectory.
  • Divot Repair Tool: As a responsible golfer, Spieth carries a divot repair tool to repair any damage caused to the green by his shots.
  • Golf Umbrella: Weather conditions can change quickly during a round, so Spieth carries a golf umbrella to stay protected from rain or the harsh sun.

Clothing and Accessories:

Furthermore, Spieth’s bag contains additional items that contribute to his overall comfort and style on the course. These include:

  • Apparel: Spieth’s bag holds a selection of golf shirts, pants, and hats, all tailored for optimum performance and to meet the specific dress code requirements of the tournaments he plays.
  • Sunglasses: To protect his eyes from harmful UV rays and to reduce glare, Spieth always carries a pair of sunglasses with him.
  • Extra Gloves: Spieth also keeps extra golf gloves in his bag, ensuring that he has a backup in case his primary glove gets damaged or worn out during a round.


Jordan Spieth’s bag is a reflection of his meticulous approach to the game of golf. From golf clubs and balls to various accessories and clothing items, he ensures that his bag contains everything necessary to maximize his performance on the course. By understanding what Spieth carries in his bag, aspiring golfers can gain insights into the equipment and preparation needed to excel in the game.